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Anywhere reliable temperature and humidity recordings are necessary, Temprecord products are the perfect fit. But just to name a few:

  • Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies (production and transportation)
  • Blood Service - production, storage and transportation
  • Public and Private Hospitals - storage of vaccines and other temperature critical items
  • Aged Care Facilities - storage of prescription drugs
  • Exporters of Perishables - storage and transport
  • Military services - storage and transportation of medical products such as blood and vaccines
  • Medical Practices - storage of prescription drugs, vaccines
  • University & Government Research Departments
  • Laboratories- temperature and humidity
  • HVAC companies for fine tuning their products
  • Abattoirs - for monitoring temperature during production, plus transit of product
  • Food processing plants- monitoring temperature during production, plus for transit of product
  • Pie makers, sausage, etc.
  • Fruit and vegetables - monitoring storage and transport
  • Meat (butchers) and Fish - monitoring during processing, storage and transport
  • Supermarket fridges and freezers
  • Beverages - wine and beer production, storage
  • Flowers - temperature and humidity
  • Logistics companies - monitor warehouses and the product in transit
  • Chocolate production
  • Concrete production

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