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Reader Interfaces

Temprecord has developed several reader interfaces to fit just about any customer's need. RS-232, USB, and Palm Pilot interfaces allow versatility, whether in the office or looking at real-time readings in the field.


Existing RS-232 Reader Interface is fully compatible with the new software and firmware.


USB compatible Reader Interface is for use on most any computer. USB drivers are automatically loaded during TRW (Temprecord for Windows) installation.

Palm Application Reader

This reader provides unmatched portability. Made to function with all styles of Palm, this reader allows for real time functionality such as viewing graphical data points or allowing start/stop functionality in the field.


  • Works with all styles of Palm
  • Portability: check graphs, start/stop recorder, set limits
  • Synchs with Temprecord software on your computer
  • 9 volt battery powered
  • 12 month warranty

    Data Sheet PDF

    Software (TRW & V2.14 Firmware)

    As one of the most feature-rich and powerful data logger software applications on the market, TRW (Temprecord for Windows) harmonizes power with ease of use.


  • TRW software is FREE!
  • One touch export to Excel, email, or *.pdf
  • Filename automatically includes serial number and date stamp (custom naming also available)
  • Copy data to clipboard for use in any document
  • Configure logger parameters in easy to use interface (no programming experience needed)
  • Full feature Help menu
  • Data can be viewed in Graph, Data, and Summary formats
  • Offers TTV, Aerobic and Anaerobic Growth Statistics, Rate of Cooling, Refrigeration Index (RI) and Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) calculators and reporting

    Software Manual PDF

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