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The Mon-T provides quality data recording at an affordable price. It is the perfect solution for logging the temperature of perishable items during transport.

Export / Inland Recorder

These recorders are the perfect solution for short and long haul applications. The snap off tabs ensure that data will not be tampered with.

Econolog Multi-Trip

The Econolog Multi-Trip provides quality data recording plus many of the features of a higher end recorder for an affordable price.


The Multi-Trip is the benchmark of the industry. It comes in standard and low temperature models and has Temprecords reliable 3-point calibration.

Scientific / Medical Logger

Get the Scientific/Medical logger when product and research integrity is critical. It is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 standards, which is critical for the laboratory environment.

RH Recorder

The RH logger is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 standards and records temperature and humidity simultaneously insuring product integrity in two dimensions.

Temprecord Active Display (TAD)

The TAD is a real-time monitoring solution for those critical applications that just can't be left to chance. The TAD is ISO/IEC 17025 certified and will send an email, audio/visual, or text message alarm if the temperature boundaries are exceeded.

Reader Interfaces

Temprecord has developed several reader interfaces to fit just about any customer's need. RS-232, USB, and Palm Pilot interfaces allow versatility, whether in the office or looking at real-time readings in the field.

Software (TRW & V2.14 Firmware)

As one of the most feature-rich and powerful data logger software applications on the market, TRW (Temprecord for Windows) harmonizes power with ease of use. Best of all, TRW software is free of charge.

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